How to Use the Petrificus Totalus Spell in Hogwarts Legacy

It is no secret that Hogwarts Legacy has been one of the most anticipated titles of 2023, giving life to the magical world to an unprecedented scale in the history of video games set in the Harry Potter universe. One of the most prolific spells of the franchise is Petrifies Totals, which also turns out to be one of the most useful spells of the new game. Here is how to use the Petrifies Totals spell at Hogwarts Legacy.

What does the Petrifies Totals spell?

Petrifies Totals is known as an essential spell that allows you to immobilize enemies, leaving them defenseless since they are blocked instead and unable to retaliate. Consider this the equivalent of Hogwarts Legacy of a stealthy death. However, if you are looking for a more aggressive means of murder in the magical world, there are other more gloomy options.

How to use the Petrifies Totals spell

To use the Petrifies Totals spell, you will first have to learn the disappointment amulet during the secrets of the restricted section main mission.


Keep in mind that you can only address the secrets of the restricted section just after complete task of the Professor Hector 1. You will find both easily as you advance in the main search line. Using the disappointment amulet will allow you to make your character invisible, being able to sneak out or quietly approach enemies without being detected. As you mix with your surroundings, your stealth options to cross the world of Hogwarts Legacy are greatly expanded. Once you have activated the disappointment enchantment, you can quietly approach an enemy. Storm enough until you see the message on the screen that tells you which button you can press to launch Petrifies Totals. If you do it correctly, you will listen to your character whispering the name of the spell and your enemy will be incapacitated. While most enemies will be defeated permanently when they are beaten by this spell, the most powerful enemies will eventually recover and resume their movement after a while. Image Source: Avalanche Software through

How to update the Petrifies Totals spell

Once you have learned to use Petrifies Totals, reached level 22 and completed the big mission Graciela break, you can spend talent points to unlock the domain of Petrifies Total and spell talent. After unlocking this domain, you can use an improved version of the spell that now executes an effect area to impact nearby enemies. That is all you need to know how to use the Petrifies Totals spell at Hogwarts Legacy. With this knowledge, undertake your adventure and use your skills wisely; You will find that this spell is quite... impressive. Be sure to consult DLPRIVATOSERVER to learn about our other guides and news about Hogwarts Legacy.

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