Official Warning: Nintendo Urges Players to Switch Off Immediately | Don't Risk Leaving Your Switch in Standby Mode

Almost no one switches off his Nintendo Switch. The handheld console is quickly taken into stand-by mode after a video game session-this is a lot easier. However, Nintendo now describes and alerts in which circumstance you ought to definitely shut down the switch.

Switch sweats?

Much better Even if the switch has actually been around for nearly 6 years, Nintendo does not miss out on the opportunity to supply the users of the hybrid console with some pointers and techniques at routine intervals.

These might in some cases extend the lifespan of the battery or conserve the console from a defect. The Japanese Twitter account from Nintendo recently published another hint that players need to heed: In the tweet, Nintendo mentions that all players need to shut off the switch when condensation forms on the console. This can happen, for instance, if the temperature in the space in which the switch is used unexpectedly changes. After turning off the switch, the gamers must put the console in a warm room and wait until the drops of water have actually dried. Only then can the console be put into operation safely once again. The description is obvious: With this note, Nintendo wishes to prevent a prospective brief circuit that might potentially permanently damage the console. With these devices you get more out of your switch: Switch devices: So get more out of your console! Sign up for us on YouTube

How do you switch off the Nintendo Switch appropriately?

A brief press of the on/off switch on the upper left side of the switch just puts the console into stand-by mode.


To totally close down the Nintendo Switch, you need to hold this power button down for 3 seconds. Then a new menu opens. Now select Power Options and after that switch off rather of standby mode. Would you like more switch pointers? Nintendo Switch: 6 pointers & techniques Your console will then shut down. A brief press of the power button is enough if you want to switch on the switch once again. Your console will now begin up once again within a couple of seconds and be ready for usage.


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