Page Title: Can Kelvin Survive the Cannibal Island in Sons of the Forest?

Kelvin is a companion NPC in Sons of the Forest that will generally be a friendly hand while trying to survive on the island full of cannibals in your search to find a missing billionaire. Of course, not all players like an NPC to help them, even in the most dangerous situations.


Sometimes, you just want them to leave you alone and test your survival skills. In those cases, you are probably wondering if you can kill Kelvin in Sons of the Forest, so you don't have to worry about it annoying and useful! OF, how intolerable!

Can you kill Kelvin in Sons of the Forest?

The short answer is yes, you can kill Kelvin. All you need to do is take your gun and use it to kill one of the few friendly companions you have in this infernal world. Once you have killed Kelvin, it is better not to feel too guilty, since you cannot relive or reappear it after having committed the fact.

We would say that you probably shouldn't kill Kelvin anyway. He will notify you when there are enemies nearby and will collect useful objects that can be used to stay alive a little more on the island infested with cannibals. I guess if you really wanted help, you could take your friends to the multiplayer lobby of Sons of the Forest! If you are looking for more information about Sons of the Forest, be sure to keep it blocked in. We have it covered with all the answers to your most frequent questions, as if Sons of the Forest is a cross game and what are the minimal and recommended PC specifications of Sons of the Forest. Related Posts Does Sons of the Forest have a cross game? What is the maximum waiting room for Sons of the Forest? Answered Requirements of the Forest: Explanation of the minimum and recommended specifications for PC Sons of the Forest announced at The Game Awards; El Bosque sequel


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