Does the Protagonist Speak?

Team Ninja, the developers behind the beloved franchises of Sous likes, Nigh and Ninja Garden, have just launched their new TO Long Fallen Dynasty title. Until now, fans love the game, which combines the difficulty in the genre with a unique combination of thrilling action. A question that many people are asked is based on the main character of the game. Here is everything you need to know about whether the protagonist of To Long Fallen Dynasty ever speaks.

Are the main character in silence in TO Long Fallen Dynasty?

Answered Unfortunately, the answer is that TO Long Fallen Dynasty presents a silent protagonist. Although there are many other NPCs in the game that speak to the leader as if they were having a complete conversation, you will never listen to a pro of your character. This is a great disappointment for many, since the lack of voice work can really subtract value from some of the most emotional rhythms in history in TO Long Fallen Dynasty.

However, for anyone who is a big fan of Soulike, the lack of characterization should not be a surprise, since games like Elden Ring and Dark Souls also do not present any voice performance of the main character. For now, that is all you need to know if the protagonist of To Long Fallen Dynasty once speaks.


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